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New Shows About Zombies (Satire)

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” have inspired a host of imitators, spin-offs and sequels. Here are a few: Dancing With The Dead (ABC) Living contestants are paired with zombie partners. The living dancers have to master … Continue reading

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Activists: It takes all kinds

Having been a proud activist for many years, I offer the following list of different types of activists I have encountered along the way.  (In all candor & humility, I must confess that I have — at one time or another … Continue reading

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How “W” was like Captain Schettino

 A top news story as of this writing in January 2012 is the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy.  I see parallels with recent U.S. history. 1.  Apparently Capt. Francesco Schettino ran the Costa Concordia into a reef, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney explains himself

Hi, I’m Mitt Romney, and I’d like to be your next president.  Some have accused me of being a flip-flopper.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am a man of great constancy.  I am constantly being constant.  Ask … Continue reading

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Rick Perry explains global warming

Hi there! I’m Rick Perry, your next president.  Why am I so sure I’ll be elected?  Because I prayed about it, and God gave me a clear answer:  “Yes, my dear son Rick.  You, and not Michele Bachmann, will be … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann explains the Bible for you

Hey, kids! I’m Michele Bachmann, your next president, and I want to help you understand the Bible.  I went to Oral Roberts University, where we got to know the word of God real well. The Holy Bible is God’s book, and … Continue reading

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My Dad, who loved birds, Mom, science and Mother Nature

(NOTE June 17, 2018: This is a revised draft of a post originally titled, “My Father, The Sex Machine.” I changed the title, as it offended my siblings, and probably many others too polite to tell me so.) At the … Continue reading

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