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On Appreciation: Random thoughts on Thanksgiving Day, 2016

At various key junctures my life has been uplifted, even saved, by people who recognized something in me, who loved me in a new way, and/or who showed me a new way to love and/or to be in this world.  … Continue reading

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You Know How Sometimes

You Know How Sometimes A happy poem, even though Trump is President-Elect   You know how sometimes when your heart takes flight, you stop feeling angry and looking for a fight. You stop hating people that you don’t even know … Continue reading

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A Field to Mow

  “A Field to Mow” A short story Ira Witmer drove the green John Deere tractor past the “FOR SALE” sign and into the field where his friend Daniel Mellinger used to grow corn, tobacco, and alfalfa.  Ira had to … Continue reading

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My “Top Ten” predictions for the Trump presidency

The people have spoken.  Or, at least, the electoral college has spoken, on the basis of the popular vote state by state.  Or, at least, that’s what we’ve been told.  (Investigative journalist Greg Palast argues — persuasively, I think — … Continue reading

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