With this cleansing rain

img_4854With this cleansing rain, let a new phase begin.  The rain is washing away the grit and piss and wrappers, pulling all the poisons from our air.  Let us all breathe deep and let go all the shit that kept us suffering.

Let our hearts be light in this new sunlight breaking through the clouds, and let that rainbow remind us of the beauty in every heart in every nation.

The sunlight can lift from our hearts that terrible sadness.

We can forgive ourselves for everything.

We can feel and heal the terrible depths of despair and walk anew on the green hills of our new beginnings – blessed by this rain, that falls from the heavens for free.


Beyond all the shrewd calculations, the plots for retribution and the stratagems for obscene gain from exploiting our fellows, a child’s heart beats in us still with endless hope that our earth can be a paradise, and human beings can be humane – or at least reasonable – and reason might approve this new beginning.

So rest, humanity!  Sleep in the peace of this rain, and soon awaken in the dawn of our new beginning: leaf tips sparkling, flowers bowed, hearts refreshed and arms reaching up in joy as the new, clean air brings cool refreshment to our lungs.


Let us walk out, you and I, in this sparkling morning.  The earth has been reborn, and now we begin again.





About John Mears

I teach English, take photographs, play guitar, write, do yoga, meditate, hike, play computer games, and love (and try to serve) humanity. If anything here touches you, let me know! Leave a comment! Subscribe! Enjoy! If you like the photos, you might like the greeting cards we will be selling soon!
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