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An open letter to world leaders in this time of crisis

I am writing out of grave concern for the future of our planet. At this time – October 28, 2016 – tensions between the USA and Russia are at their highest point since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, prompting … Continue reading

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With this cleansing rain

With this cleansing rain, let a new phase begin.  The rain is washing away the grit and piss and wrappers, pulling all the poisons from our air.  Let us all breathe deep and let go all the shit that kept … Continue reading

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The night when everything changed

  One warm summer evening in 1984, I was working on my computer when I heard what sounded like a series of shotgun blasts – BOOM! BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM! – that kept coming from the alley behind our apartment building … Continue reading

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