How “W” was like Captain Schettino

 A top news story as of this writing in January 2012 is the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy.  I see parallels with recent U.S. history.

1.  Apparently Capt. Francesco Schettino ran the Costa Concordia into a reef, then went home while people scrambled for lifeboats and drowned.  Our last U.S. president, George W. Bush, ran our country off a cliff, then went home to his ranch while millions of us lost jobs, homes, savings, everything. 

Isn't that the U.S. economy? No, that's the Costa Concordia. (Photo from

2.  Capt. Schettino recklessly steered a massive ship — twice as big as the Titanic — too close to land, apparently so that he could salute to a friend onshore.  Pres. G.W. Bush recklessly steered our massive country into war with Iraq while lowering taxes on the richest people in the U.S. — apparently so that his filthy-rich friends in the oil and defense industries could get even richer.  The net effect of all this is a belly-up national economy and a national debt of at least $14 trillion, and counting. 

3.  Capt. Schettino broke a cardinal rule of the sea when he left his ship before all passengers and crew had been evacuated.  In August 2001 — just before the September 11 attacks — Pres. G.W. Bush ignored warnings from our intelligence services that terrorists were preparing a major attack on U.S. soil, and enjoyed a month-long vacation at his ranch in Texas.

4.  Capt. Schettino explained that he tripped, fell into a lifeboat, and accidentally abandoned ship.  George W. Bush — in an apparent ego trip — fantasized that he could be a great president, and accidentally abandoned reality.

5.  In both cases, alcohol might have been involved.  But whereas many people in this country still love “W” and would like to have a beer with him, if given a choice, I’d take a glass of grappa with poor Capt. Schettino.  Sure, his name is shit, but look on the bright side.  He didn’t screw up as many lives as our last president did.


About John Mears

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