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Happy Year of the Water Dragon

Today was the first day of the Chinese Year of the Dragon in the element of water.  Accordingly, it rained. The first two shots are just before sunset, across Aliso Canyon looking east — one of my favorite views after … Continue reading

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Super-tax the super-rich: an idea whose time has come. Again.

Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest men in the world, is famous for saying that his tax rate (17.7%) is lower than his secretary’s (30%).*  Mr. Buffett makes a valid point.  Right now, multi-multi-millionaires in the USA are paying their … Continue reading

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How “W” was like Captain Schettino

 A top news story as of this writing in January 2012 is the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy.  I see parallels with recent U.S. history. 1.  Apparently Capt. Francesco Schettino ran the Costa Concordia into a reef, … Continue reading

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Mountain clouds at sunrise

I like how the English word “sunrise” is similar to the Spanish word, “sonrisa,” which means “smile.”  I think we all need to smile more.  I also think we need to see more sunrises.

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Flowers from Angela in fluorescent light

  Normally I hate taking photos in fluorescent light, and so does our daughter, but when our girl sent flowers to my wife recently — at around the same time as bulbs Angela sent last year bloomed again — I … Continue reading

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Costco has this fantastic deal on poinsettia plants before the holidays.  A huge, healthy plant for around $15.  You just have to keep them watered.  To me they’re like frozen flames.  

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Hello, 2012!

According to some people’s reading of the Mayan calendar, and a popular disaster movie, the world might end in the coming year.  I have a few things to say about that. First, to quote a song by REM:  “It’s the … Continue reading

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