Fire season 2008 revisited

I have always been fascinated with fires and disasters. Since moving to L.A., I’ve gotten up close and personal with both.  Here is a sequence showing the Sesnon Fire, October 2008. 

The morning of October 13, I noticed a large column of smoke coming from the east. Before rushing off to work, I snapped the above from N. Reseda Blvd.

At work I received news from my wife that the fire was getting closer to our house, so I left work early and rushed home with three Asian students who volunteered to help with hosing down our wooden decks and loading our cars for possible evacuation.


This was looking across the street from our front yard in the mid afternoon.

We watched the fires creep closer.  Having the cars all packed, and the wooden decks around our house all hosed down, we begged our student angels to go home, which they did.

We waited.  And worried.

By evening, I was dying to know if the fire had jumped into Aliso Canyon, which runs close to our house, so I ran out with my camera and tripod and got the shots that follow.

Above we see the southern edge of Sesnon Park.  Fire had made a third of a circle around the east end of Sesnon on Aliso Canyon’s edge.

In answer to the question:  Had the fire jumped into Aliso Canyon, which runs close to our house?  The answer was:  Yes. 

By early morning, when we had to evacuate, embers were raining down on our heads and I was too freaked out to grab my camera — I was sure we were going to lose our house — so here’s more on Sesnon.

This is pretty much how it looked when we got the signal to evacuate at around 4 AM.  (Even though this is still Sesnon Park.)

It was unforgettable.


About John Mears

I teach English, take photographs, play guitar, write, do yoga, meditate, hike, play computer games, and love (and try to serve) humanity. If anything here touches you, let me know! Leave a comment! Subscribe! Enjoy! If you like the photos, you might like the greeting cards we will be selling soon!
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