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Rick Perry explains global warming

Hi there! I’m Rick Perry, your next president.  Why am I so sure I’ll be elected?  Because I prayed about it, and God gave me a clear answer:  “Yes, my dear son Rick.  You, and not Michele Bachmann, will be … Continue reading

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For God so loved the world…

— And so do I. These were taken from the window of a Boeing 757 flying from LAX to Chicago on August 12, 2011.  I think the one above shows the Grand Canyon, or something like it.  The shots below … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann explains the Bible for you

Hey, kids! I’m Michele Bachmann, your next president, and I want to help you understand the Bible.  I went to Oral Roberts University, where we got to know the word of God real well. The Holy Bible is God’s book, and … Continue reading

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A Meditation on Meditation, Part 1: TM

As of October 2, 2011, I will have been meditating forty years. Every morning and evening, for the past forty years, I have sat down, closed my eyes, and gently begun the silent, effortless inward repetition of a mantra, a Sanskrit … Continue reading

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