A prayer for the United States of America on Independence Day, 2011

Dear God, give us peace, though we have chosen war.

Dear God, teach us compassion, though many of our religions have chosen judgment.

Dear God, lead us to love, though many of us focus on hating.

Dear God, give us health, though we eat too much and exercise too little, though we
smoke too much and breathe too little, though we drink too much alcohol and too
little water.

Dear God, may we, and the human race, learn to know and grow our better selves.

May we trust in the best in You, and ourselves.  May we express the best in You, and in ourselves. May we learn to find You within ourselves. May we know that we are seeds of Your divinity. May we accept the divinity that is our inheritance. May we act as though we were Your children, for we are. May we know and feel the joy in knowing You. May we see that You reside in each of us. May we respect all human beings, and so respect You. May we respect all life, and so respect You. May we  respect this planet, and so respect You. May we treat all we can with kindness, and so be kind to You. May we seek, not war, but peace, and friendship with all.

May we show, not hatred, but love for all.  In loving all humanity, may we better love You. In accepting all humanity, may we accept You into our hearts.  May we accept You in our hearts, as we accept ourselves, and in accepting all of ourselves, may we accept all humanity.

May we all learn to live in peace and understanding.  May we learn to communicate more and destroy less.  May we learn to share more and to covet less.

May we learn to treat the helpless ones with kindness, and may we have courage to
always speak truth to power.  May we overcome all oppression and injustice–starting here, in our nation, before we presume to fight for freedom in other lands.

May we lead the human race, by Your grace, into a beautiful new era of peace and
progress. May we, arm in arm with You, inspire our government, especially our President, Barack Obama, in a better direction.

May we teach and empower all for success and progress. May  we cease to perpetuate ignorance, superstition, magical thinking, and all forms of idle wishfulness. May we be Your instruments in leading the world in a better direction for all.

In Your name, and in the name of all you have sent here, including us, we pray.



About John Mears

I teach English, take photographs, play guitar, write, do yoga, meditate, hike, play computer games, and love (and try to serve) humanity. If anything here touches you, let me know! Leave a comment! Subscribe! Enjoy! If you like the photos, you might like the greeting cards we will be selling soon!
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