Sunset after the rain

This is a continuation of yesterday’s hike with my camera. 

After shooting the mushrooms from the mud, I struggled up a steep and waterlogged hill to face this view.

This my favorite kind of light for taking photos, and my favorite kind of air:  cool, moist, fresh & clean.

This is where God says, “Yeah, I still love you guys — is there a problem?”

It got dreamy and creamy, like being in love.

This is my religion.

© John Mears, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these photographs without express and written permission from John Mears is strictly prohibited. If photos are used, full and clear credit must be given to John Mears.


About John Mears

I teach English, take photographs, play guitar, write, do yoga, meditate, hike, play computer games, and love (and try to serve) humanity. If anything here touches you, let me know! Leave a comment! Subscribe! Enjoy! If you like the photos, you might like the greeting cards we will be selling soon!
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